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Diving (SCUBA, Surface Supply)

SULA Diving offers commercial SCUBA and surface supply diving capability under the appropriate Approved Codes of Practice (ACoPs). Commercial SCUBA lends itself to non-construction site activities such as:

  • seabed survey: video/photographic survey, site characterisation, transect and quadrat surveys
  • Biological/chemical survey: core sampling, specimen collection, quantitative and qualitative biological assessment
  • archaeological survey: site survey, excavation, artefact recovery
  • basic installation/recovery work: instrument deployment and recovery
  • media: video/photographic support

Surface supply diving is used as required by the dive site or task being undertaken. Work undertaken includes:

  • construction: concrete work, piling
  • installation: marine energy devices, moorings, pier and jetty works
  • maintenance: vessels, marine energy devices, moorings, SPMs,
  • inspection work: pier work, hull surveys, propeller inspection,
  • cleaning and NDT: brushing, power washing, thickness survey
  • salvage: recovery of vessels, devices, moorings

Detailed risk assessments are compiled for every job in close contact with the client. SULA Diving can also carry out all permitting and consent procedures on behalf of the client.

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