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Diving (SCUBA, Surface Supply)

SULA Diving offers commercial SCUBA and surface supply diving capability under the appropriate Approved Codes of Practice (ACoPs). Commercial SCUBA lends itself to non-construction site activities such as.

ROV survey

SULA operate two small inspection class ROVs The primary vehicle is a LBV150 and is fitte with micron sonar and a manipulator.

Side scan survey

We operate two side scan sonars.

 Magnetometer survey

The primary tool for modern wreck detection is a magnetometer. Sula has applied their use for the location and recovery of lost moorings.

Marine biological survey

SULA staff include two qualified marine biologists. Both have detailed knowledge of marine habitats in Orkney and further afield.

Archaeological survey

Orkney is renouned for its variety and wealth of archaeological sites on land, however those beneath the surface are less well documented.

Vessel provision

SULA operates its own 6m Delta RIB which is coded for 4 passengers and also carried AIS in line with EMEC site entry requirements.

Hyperbaric services

SULA is contracted to provide technical and operational support to the Orkney Hyperbaric trust since 2003.

Client rep & audit

In recent years, SULA Diving has provided client rep services. A number of companies from all over the world are currently testing marine energy devices in Orkney waters.

Emergency call out

SULA Diving maintains an on-call dive team to respond to emergency situations at the Flotta oil terminal.


SULA Diving has been involved in a number of media projects in Orkney, providing vessels and diving services to support news and documentary projects being carried out in Orkney.